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Services Provided

Art Direction, Branding, Marketing and Production

San Francisco, CA

Team Members

Nicolai Wadstrom, Benjamin Levy, Luigi Congedo, Mark Madrouvis, Mauricio Bucardo


Project Type
Marketing Design

Art Direction & Marketing Collaterals

BootstrapLabs has been making Venture Capital investments since being founded in 2008, and since 2015 it was the first Venture Capital firm to start to invest in an

AI-first Venture Capital strategy.


Since then they have been investing in visionary founders that solve today’s most important and valuable opportunities by applying Artificial Intelligence.

I supported the BSL team and the AI community by setting the style and tone to the AAI Conference while translating sophisticated ideas into unique and powerful visuals and presentations for various teams and leadership communications.

This was an opportunity to immerse myself in the cutting-edge world of AI and merge creativity with technology as well as playing a pivotal role in shaping the event's success by leaving a lasting visual impact.

Artboard 1_edited.jpg

About #AAI Conference

The Applied AI Conference was an exclusive event built to Discover new AI Technologies.  With over 500+ attendees, the event took place at Bespoke at Westfield San Francisco a tech-savvy venue bright spot among venues in San Francisco.

My Impact

As a Marketing Collateral Designer for a prestigious AI event, my role was crucial in creating an impactful and cohesive visual identity for the event and telling a compelling visual story that captured the essence of cutting-edge AI technologies and the event's significance.



Alexis Giulianna

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2017 – 2023

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