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Services Provided

Art Direction, Photo Manipulation, Illustration

San Francisco, CA

Team Members

Madeleine Weiss , Mekhi Baldwin, Brittany England, Alyssa Kiefer, Wenzdai Figueroa, Maya Chastain

Project Type

Editorial Design



Hybrid Photo Collage

As an editorial designer, I supported the platform through creating brand guidelines, curated visuals for multiple versicles.

We worked closely with the SEO team to generate and adhere content with the user’s needs.

Greatist was acquired by Healthline in early 2019. This change provided an opportunity for the design team to adapt and improve its existing brand by minimizing its color palette, while increasing the contrast and including sharper angles in the illustrations and photo collages.

How To Make Kombucha.jpg

How to Make Kombucha

From On Fleek To Full On How To Rock The Bushy Brow Trend.jpg

The Ultimate Bushy Brow Kit: Supplements, Serums, Tools, and Tutorials


I Just Really, Really Miss AIM


Greatist Love Lessons: Movie Scenes That Showed Us the Real in the Feels

Hot Probs I’m Sick Of Making Excuses For Not Wanting To Hang Out.gif

Hot Probs -  I’m Sick Of Making Excuses For Not Wanting To Hang Out

Hot Probs My Neighbor Is Being Too Nice.jpg

Hot Probs -  My Neighbor Is Being Too Nice

GRT Color Palette

IG Post-saalt.jpg
IG Post-kegg.jpg
Artboard 1.png
IG Post-jeccablac.jpg
IG Post-thehoneypot.jpg
IG Post-cora.jpg
IG Post-thirdlove.jpg


I worked on promoting social campaigns for editorial purposes, collaborating with cross-functional teams to create and execute strategic content that effectively conveyed our editorial messages to a wider audience, fostered reader engagement, and aligned with our overarching brand identity.

Artboard 1 copy 2.png
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1 copy.png
Artboard 1 copy 3.png


I crafted a diverse range of illustrations, adding an extra layer of visual depth to the storytelling within articles and editorial content. These illustrations breathed life into intricate concepts and made them more accessible by infusing them with dynamic and captivating visuals.

Embracing a completely different illustration style, I demonstrated my ability to adapt and expand my creative skills to meet new creative challenges.

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