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Services Provided

Art Direction, Social Media, Design Systems


Team Members

Ryan Hamsher, Brittany England, Jason Hoffman, Sanchez Stanfield, Viviana Quevedo,

Yendi Reid


Project Type
Social Media & Marketing Design


Social Media & Marketing 

As a social designer I played a crucial role in ensuring that the company's social content is visually appealing, consistent with the brand, and easy for the social team to work with.

I collaborated closely with other teams, stay organized, and adapted to the fluidity and constant evolution of social media

to facilitate the creation of engaging and on-brand content.

I helped grow the mobile traffic  121% in 2023, allowing us to reprioritize for mobile by optimizing content and design to better fit with the dimensions for easier accessibility for consumers and press. We created resource decks for designers and stakeholders that showcased design systems for every part of Bezzy’s content.


Illustrations by Brittany England & Jason Hoffman


Bezzy shares personal narratives that foster empathy and

a sense of community, but are also medically accurate.

About Bezzy

Bezzy is a storytelling platform that builds communities. With the help of medical expertise to create unique and impactful pieces. Her writing focuses on personal narratives that foster empathy and community while also being medically accurate. Through her work, she hopes to shed light on important topics in healthcare that are often overlooked. Join her on her mission to create a more compassionate and understanding world.

Design Systems

My job with the editorial and social media teams is to understand the content and messaging needs for various social media platforms. We work on conceptualizing and brainstorm ideas for visually engaging and on-brand templates.


I developed a set of pre-designed visual elements that can be easily customized and reused for various social media posts, on multiple platforms, ensuring consistency and efficiency for our social media content creation.


These templates serve as a foundation for designing posts and help maintain a cohesive and branded look across different social media platforms, including elements like backgrounds, text styles, fonts, color schemes, and graphic elements (such as logos or icons) across all brands.

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