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Hybrid Photo Collage & Illustration


Exploring the use of conceptual imagery to represent the difficult topics often presented in this space will be a crucial endeavor. This can include literal representations of topics through objects, but also images that evoke a visceral feeling and the human condition through their approach — whether it is through the use of shapes, filters, color, blur/motion, patterns, surrealism, silhouetting, cropping, photo collage, double exposure, analog photography, etc. This area of imagery will be a great realm to explore and a unique way to brand Psych Central with a distinct and memorable approach to our visuals.


Psych Central exists to help people realize a more self-aware, self-actualized life. We share new and emerging perspectives in the field of psychology. With a deeper understanding of the human condition, we empower people to live in a more empathetic, intentional way.

Psych Central stands for resilience. Believing that with the right mental health tools and support anyone can thrive in their whole-body health. We provide a stronger, evidence-based foundation for greater emotional well-being and deeper self-awareness.

Being a part of the editorial team, I worked with a handful of designers and photography editors to work and continue to enhance and engage our audience.





Mindful Moment: Awakening to the Power of Hope

Lonely? Draw a Smaller Circle


Sex, Love, and All of the Above: Mourning the Loss of My Sex Drive


What I Wish People Knew About Gender and ADHD


This is a feature piece with an interview with the founder of BEAM. It focuses on their goal to: "to remove the barriers that Black people experience getting access to or staying connected with emotional health care and healing". I carefully selected the photography, featuring people of color of all ages, as well as adding Psych Central's branded elements.




Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1 copy.png

My Role:

My role was to visually represents the idea, convey the message, and deliver information in an interesting and engaging way. I manage to do the photo editing while finding the right photographs to represent the BEAM community.

Worked along with product designers and the editorial team. I delievered a number of assets that included the key art, body images thumbnails and so on. 

BEAM educates teachers, coaches, parents, and other community members in how to show up for one another’s mental health needs. BEAM helps people get the support they need where they need it — not just at the therapist’s office, but also at home and in the community.


This was a powerful project that consisted in dividing it into social and editorial. I took the editorial part, creating header, landing pages; I got the chance to learn to play around with CEROS  which gave us the opportunity to get more creative and engage with our viewers.

We wanted to capture the agony and strength that these women went through. While sharing their heart breaking memoirs I could visualize the essence of these powerful stories. We went for something that spoke to the femininity of these women as well as taking something beautiful out of such emotional events. 



Design Manager: Mekhi Baldwin
Editor in Chief: Fay McCray

Editors: Christina Ward, Kristin Currin-Sheehan 

Editorial Designers: Brittany England,

Wenzdai Figueroa, Maya Chastain

Photo Editors: Anthony Lasala,

Dana Davenport, Yendi Reid
Medical Photo Editor: Monica Pardo

Art direction
Graphic & Editorial Design

us — +1 415 9024518

© Alexis Lira 2022
All assets are Edited
and Created by Alexis Lira

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