Personal Work

The term Glint comes from the verb, to produce or reflect small, bright flashes of light. A shared camaraderie for those of us who seek out unique aesthetics and are fascinated by the secret language of style.


Glint is an online boutique based San Francisco, CA. Glint showcases a carefully curated collection of fashions and objects. In this project, I managed to use a wide variety of digital tools, editing and styling the video campaign as well as elaborating printed promotional material.


Jewelry that makes a statement.


We believe that jewelry embraces this same philosophy.  A simple yet significant luxury in one’s wardrobe, jewelry is meant to be effortlessly worn and celebrated, not be tucked away in a box. Each of our items are purposefully chosen with the intention of elevating everyday life while embodying heirloom-quality that can be cherished and passed down for generations to come. 

GLINT offers the most sought after styles afrom an edited selection of coveted designers for a contemporary price point. Reowned for our philosophy of mixing on trend pieces in unexpected ways, it delivers a unique point of view and an individualized approach to shopping and personal style.



Video Campaign

Spring/Summer 17