history of fashion

The Art Institute of California San Francisco

Fashion Journal

An amazing storyline of how everything was done back in the day. The fashion show evolution from an exclusive "in-house" presentation with private clientele, to the most extreme exhibits followed by contemporary icons.

The idea was to elaborate an everyday journal explaining how the history of fashion, or better said, the history of the "fashion shows". The booklet was given to students during the Art Institute of San Francisco fashion Show Spring 16' 

Printed on 32lb cardstock paper.


A journal based on the history of catwalks.


“The very first fashions shows were for sales and for buyers, so the public didn’t see fashion shows, the confidentiality had more to do with trade secrets. They policed the fashion shows because the risk is always piracy, It was very hard to get into a couture house sometimes. Even if you came with letters of recommendation, or you were well connected or rich, it was still quite difficult until you were trusted enough.